Hi William, Yes, we received the images electronically and have saved them. Thank you so much, you are an amazing photographer!

Katie Barad

We had a wonderful time with William & loved his photos. He is an amazing photographer & makes you feel so comfortable you sometimes forget he is taking pictures of you, which is when you get those great shots when he really captures your essence.

Claudia Cuadrado

William took the time to understand our requirements, and planned the shoot very well. He chose a location which was convenient for us and picked a time and spot where we could make the best use of natural light.
Jai Krishnan

We had so much fun as William was very relaxed and made our 2 1/2 year old daughter feel as though she was just out for an afternoon at the park. He captured some great natural shots which I am sure we will treasure for years to come. I highly recommend William!

Millie Das

William, Thank you so much for such a fun photoshoot and thank you making us, the awkward couple, feel at ease. :) We appreciate it. Thank you!

Jessie McKean

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