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Lifestyle Portrait Experience

Your essence and treasured relationships. You are busy. Your life is full of activities and it is amazingly flying by.

  • You are sophisticated & discerning in the matters of style
  • You value unadorned, faithful, lifestyle photography; art
  • You value and love incredible photographs that will not only succinctly capture who you are, but also who your family is
  • You seek out photographs that are natural & showcase your life

Why William?

In addition to a photographic style & approach that closely aligns to who you are and what you value, I…

  • Crave this creative outlet & consider it satisfying & meaningful
  • Covet the personal interactions and collaboration with you
  • Feel privileged to be a part of your day & to unobtrusively document you & your loved ones
  • Put as first priority, your preferences & comfort

What Will Experience Be Like?

Unlike typical alternatives, your Lifestyle Portrait Experience will be your life as it unfolds. It’s life lived!

  • We will go out to this beautiful place we live in & select a place where inspirations abound
  • Kids will always be kids. They may chase a butterfly. They may play with their siblings. They may even play with the dirt. But we will be there to witness & document it all. So let the fun begin
  • Your time of intimate company will be thoroughly enjoyed, only to be anxiously relived!


Claudia Cuadrado's testimonial for Lifestyle Portrait Experience

“We had a wonderful time with William & loved his photos. He is an amazing photographer & makes you feel so comfortable you sometimes forget he is taking pictures of you, which is when you get those great shots when he really captures your essence.”
Claudia Cuadrado

Millie Das feedback on Lifestyle Portrait Experience

“We had so much fun as William was very relaxed and made our 2 1/2 year old daughter feel as though she was just out for an afternoon at the park. He captured great natural shots which we will treasure for years to come. I highly recommend William!”
Millie Das

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More Raves

Robin Phillip's testimonial on Lifestyle Portrait Experience

“We want to let you know William, how very happy we are with the photos you’ve taken! I’ve recommended you to all our friends, especially those with young kids or who are expecting 🙂 We look forward to working with you again in the future.”
Robin Phillips

Bay Area Family Photographer

William, Thank you so much for such a fun photoshoot and thank you making us, the awkward couple, feel at ease. 🙂 We appreciate it. Thank you!
Jesse McKean

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