About William Yeo

First, I’m a husband to my beautiful wife Melissa, father to our sons, and a co-pilot in everything kids-related.

I believe we need to first take care of ourselves as parents, else we won’t be able to guide our children effectively. I believe childhood should just be simple, including any and all “imperfections”. Capturing who you (and your child) are, is more important than what you wear.

Eye contact? Critically important, especially for the little ones. It is often that first look that solidify the interactions that will follow, at least in my experience.

I also believe in the modern, chaotic family life. It is through these chaotic times that beautiful moments can happen and be forever photographed.

Why Do I Do This?

Well, there are many reasons.

But mainly, I…

  • Crave this creative outlet and consider it satisfying and meaningful

  • Covet the personal interactions and collaboration with you

  • Feel privileged to be a part of your day & to unobtrusively document you & your loved ones

  • Put as first priority, your preferences & comfort

I love what I do, and if it touches your heart, please let me know! I’d love to connect with you.

Why I Love To Collaborate With You?

You are busy. Your life is full of activities and it is amazingly flying by.

  • You are sophisticated & discerning in the matters of style

  • You value unadorned, faithful, lifestyle photography; art

  • You love incredible photographs that succinctly capture who you are, including your family

  • You seek out photographs that are natural & showcase your life

What Else?

I love to teach.

I am developing a variety of mentoring services for parents and/or photographers looking to up their game or just simply capturing those precious family moments as keepsakes.

Professionally associated with Wedding and Portrait Photographers International.


We want to let you know how very happy we are with the photos you took of our family! I’ve recommended you to all our friends, especially those with young kids or who are expecting :).
We had a great time at our photo shoot and love the images you captured. We look forward to working with you again in the future!

Robin Phillips

William, Thank you so much for such a fun photoshoot and thank you making us, the awkward couple, feel at ease. :) We appreciate it. Thank you!

Jessie McKean

Thank you again for everything- it was so fun working with you and we hope to work with you again in the future!

Millie Das

We thoroughly enjoyed our session. You made it very relaxing and fun. Thanks!

Wendy Huang

The picture taking turned out to be wonderful. We really enjoyed it.

Phoebe Chen

We are impressed on how well the pictures turned out, with very little effort on our part. There were no posing (impossible anyway with 2 very active boys) and we were just strolling in the park, and William was able to capture the moment, and the pictures turn out perfect! Thank you William!

Rena Chai

… the best part is we remember the laughter and happiness of the day because they are captured forever… the very essence of your day… highly recommended.

Yvonne Chan

I met William for a photo shoot for my two young sons at Bayland in Palo Alto.  I loved the natural setting that he choose for the photo session.  It allowed the boys to be boys and get photos taken in a relaxed and fun way.  By the end, my younger son said he was so glad that William came with us on our little walk.

Rosie Buckley

The photos turned out great with many wonderful natural shots – not posed. One thing William does to help the kids relax is that he talks to them through out letting the storytelling expressions shine through.  He also takes the shots from many angles and distances to give lots of variety. We really enjoyed the shoot and highly recommend!

Rosie Buckley

It was so nice to meet you and to spend part of our Saturday afternoon with you the other day. The pictures turned out wonderfully- thank you so much for capturing such great photos for us!

Millie Das

… William was very professional and good with pre-shoot planning (especially since we were out of town and often not responsive), and he selected a good location for a casual shoot.

Kelly Ormond

William is great at capturing people’s natural interactions. William really got some great shots of our son chasing ducks and also of us chasing our son around. We (and my parents) will be looking at photos for years to come.

Stephanie Chung