Get Your Happy On.

Isn’t summer a magical. magical time?

If you ask me, I’d say you have got to really make the most of it. Intentional is the key word here. You have to be intentional about having fun as a family. Some of us like impromptu road trips. Some do it even as a family tradition, which I think is awesome. I personally would love to try it sometime! Others may get into all sorts of fun activities like hiking, geocaching, barbecue with close friends, biking in a park that you have never been to, etc, you get the idea. Irregardless of the activities, what matters the most is the intentional time spent together as a family.

Realizing that their time as a young family is precious and finite, the Das family and I got together for their lifestyle portrait experience photoshoot. Ava is just simply adventurous. While the park is new to her, with mom and dad’s hands readily nearby, she set out to explore.

Time to get your happy on!